Up's and Cringe of #Lockdown


#Lockdown : 23rd of March 2020. Covid - 19 .150 killed dead in UK, not including care homes. “It’s an insult to democracy to Lockdown people” or  “It’s not tough enough – why are the airports still open?” I swing from one idea to the other finally settling on #StayHome until people know more. 

My daughter got really ill in February with asthma, temperature, vomiting and a cough that wouldn’t stop. I asked the nurses to test for Covid – 19, “No. Has she been to China, or Asia? Then it’s not that.” They were correct and we didn’t become ill. But even back then we were on high alert.

Leading up to #Lockdown I began storing bottles of water under my bed,  “If we all get sick we only have to reach under the bed” I said to a group of friends, as they looked at me with wide eyes and suppressing a snigger. “Night Nurse, I keep buying Night Nurse, maybe if we get it we can sleep through it.” Again shocked expressions. “A killer virus, really?” “We survived Sars and Mers – it’s hype.”

The following week we begin to bring our own weights to the gym, a reaction to the horrific pictures from #Italy.

My daughter and I wander up and down my road collecting telephone numbers for a Whatsapp group. “Why should I sign up, I don’t like you.” was one of the responses. (I had objected, successfully, to their planning application). “Different times, your choice.” was my reply. 100% signed up which has been an absolute massive support during this period. Everyone has been a pleasure. 

Then it happened. #Lockdown.  My son was home from university. I asked my daughter to move back home. I had a call from her boyfriend’s Mum. “She can stay here.” “He can stay here” was my reply. So they took the plunge and moved in together at her place about four years too early. ( They are very loved up two months on!) 

The government started to hand out money.  My husband and I are lucky enough to work from home and online. The self-employed aren’t so lucky. Bills treble, with electric being used all day and night while kids eat everyone out of house and home. Two things are highlighted. The NHS, care home and key workers are indeed #heroes. P.H.E & NHS PPE procurement is revealed as shambolic and in serious need of both an investigation and an overhaul.

Many Whats’s App groups became a mine field as a jostle of people seek domination, Insta fades, Twitter becomes even more tribal with those who hate the government and people like me who know there isn’t a road map. Facebook becomes more gentle. Oh the joy. I read comments from people I thought I love. Posting the most ridiculous things in groups. I decide to cull many of my groups pretty early on. One of my better decisions. I watched in horror (30th March 182 dead of covid-19, not including care homes) as someone who should know better post pictures with friends wandering all over Dorset taking pictures of themselves outside tourist spots. “You just posted cringe” was one of the comments. Well said! 

Early on I start to drink more and put on a ton of weight. I join up as a buddy collecting for foodbanks locally and so far, so good. Every Wed people leave food outside their gates and my son and I drive around picking it up and taking it to the foodbank. The demand is increasing every week. My neighbours are generous. Most currently can afford to be. Some people around us have rent of £400 a month, others have £10,000 a month mortgages. The amount of debt is becoming  less relevant, as no money is no money.  The government are under pressure from the media to include deaths from Covid - 19 in care homes in their daily figures, as these are now as high as in hospital. I stop watching the daily briefings. 

I join lot's of interest groups and everyone has ZOOM. I discover 50:50, a group trying to increase women in politics across the political landscape. I am enthralled by these clever feisty women finding a safe place to explore their ambition. I just don't want developers to build on our #GreenBelt, not pay sufficient S106, and ask me to contribute to their build cost! Our plan seeks to build 1600 £1m + houses yet there is a funding gap. That is what is proposed by our council. 

We haven’t had #Covid - 19 in our household so far, although not a week has gone by where I don’t find myself taking a call from someone who has a close friend or family member who has died. Many diagnosed with #Covid as part of the package of reasons why they are gone. 15th April, Covid - 19 deaths in UK passed 20,000, including care homes.

My saddest day to date has been dialling in online to watch a funeral of a friend from the gym. We had to watch her very carefully laid out funeral wishes online. Awful and lonely and sad.

I miss my daughter, while infuriated that we are still paying for s*** university accommodation & broadband & bills while my son is at home paying for brief  tutorials being streamed online.

Elections are postponed for a year, which is a good thing for us locally. I become Quaver shaped. I start doing online workouts every day. Drinking less and watching what I eat.

The planning inspector asks our local council to withdraw the Local Plan I have been protesting about it for about four years. They say the council failed in it’s duty to cooperate with Slough. So many people with influence that I expected to step up have remained silent! I find that astonishingly short sighted. Look at Guildford. 38 Conservative councillors down to 8. In part for pushing a plan through. The plan will not be accepted in its present form and the fight goes on.

I have been to #Sainsbury's a few times where the price of everything seems to have rocketed. Why? A fish man delivers to the door on a Monday. His takings have gone from £1000 a week to £4000. He used to be expensive, now he is cheap. Yet his prices haven't changed. We are lucky. We have space and the sun has been sent by the gods to help us stay sane. May, Covid - 19 39,000 people in UK dead. 

Dominic #Cummings (the most senior gov advisor) is called out for travelling to #Durham. Then to a castle for his eyesight or his wife’s birthday. OMFG!  Either way. Absolutely maddening that anyone could not remember the golden rule about rules. If you make them don’t break them. All teachers, parents, bosses know this. Those who ignore this do so at their peril. Ask any prisoner. They will repeat the offenders mantra, “I just did what everyone else did.”


#StaySafe #StayHome #Communicate 

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