Grenfell Tower 14th June 2017 
Our Father which art in heaven

Grenfell Tower; a symbol of power and wilful neglect

The sight of the lights flashing on and off, in windows no one can reach 

The emotions they went through, no one could teach

The firemen and women standing, looking up with water hoses held tightly in their hands, wishing for a type of God that just isn’t there

Praying for a miracle that might make life fair

Smoke gets in your eyes, and you cannot get away from the sound of the people, their cries

Or the lies, so many dammed lies

Hallowed be thine name

The awful sight of slaughter – as one by one the lights go out

The dead continue to be carried out in charred body bags

The estimate of life lost - Too difficult to contemplate

The council says, we can time the truth – it’s something we can negotiate

Thine kingdom come, thine will be done

Let’s manage the damage and then play the game –you know it - it’s called blame

People with homes begin, once again, to hang their head in shame

Politicians play the situation, milking it without a care,

No one challenging – "Where TF were you last year?"

It would seem - no one dare

Meanwhile more dead are carried out in charred body Bags

On earth as it is in heaven

The developers hide their assets quick

Aided and abetted by the council fund managers, Tom & Dick

It becomes clear in the light of day - that everyone is going to blame hapless May 

The building still burns and of course it seems now that everyone always had a concern

It becomes clear that no one in power really gives a fuck –

Because after all, theirs isn’t a life without luxury or luck

Give us this day our daily bread

As Boris & Jeremy and Sadiqi shake hands and offer their time

Just Giving further increase their bottom line

And you look over beyond the charred building and see in the distance

And forgive those who trespass against us as we forgive them

A small man on a platform using the tower as his set –

Stirring up the crowd – allegedly he has already wept  

Making sure the crowd is ready to pop  - the politics of damage

Giving the developers time to have everything stage managed

The Sky news reporters begin sending their runners about

To get to the heart of the story –

The power and the glory

You fall on your knees and ask God for some help

And the dead continue to be carried out in charred body bags

All you can hear are the sounds of young babies trying to get out from the fire

And it’s then that you know - We all have a responsibility

It ensure it will never happen again  

Rest in peace lost ones

Forever and Ever


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