T’was a foggy morning when we went to the shop
The orange & black party tonight
Drinkin’ & dancing non stop 
A skeleton?  A clown ? Maybe stick to bein’ a  ghost,
Or a scary doll – with make up the colour of toast
The spiders,  they weaved their webs really tight,
And I swear I saw shadows & witches, which gave me a fright
We get in the car, Dracula, The Clown and me
Tis still very misty. I have applied so much make up it’s difficult to see
We drove in the dark and were attacked by some bats
Then we swerved across the road to avoid a black cat
We needed petrol, so Dracula got out and filled up the car 
We were so far from home & weren't sure where we are
Someone shouted “Oi Dracula – what’s wrong? You look a bit ill “
To which he replied – “Are you taking the piss?” with his face perfectly still
We drove down the lane the weather still dank and grey
The Pumpkin’s alight leading the way
Then we saw a terrible sight – there in front of us – just to the right
Dracula and The Clown clutched each other real tight
Blood oozing right out of its eye, enormous, hairy, black and forlorn 
I held my hand to my face and beeped long on the horn
It wouldn’t move. It just stood, broody with breath steaming out of its snout
We held our hands on our heads and wished we hadn’t gone out 
It moved really quick and with one bite devoured my number plate
We looked at each other - contemplating our fate 
All I could hear was the thump of our hearts
As it lifted the car and began to rip it apart 
Then I heard it – the sound of angels - like the heavens ajar – a white light above
The alarm’s going off – “It’s a dream” he says – as I clung & snuggled my Love. 
Happy Halloween - Sleep tight x 
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