Brit 'n' Kismet

by MC Browne



Kismet – an Arabic word for fate or destiny sort of sums up last night’s Brit Awards. A bad night for females, unless your name is Paloma Faith whose charm and swagger, not to mention talent, over the years has paid off - big time. Despite not landing a No 1 album in the UK charts – ever. (She has sold over a million though). Paloma very humbly accepted the Best Female Brit with her normal chatty charm.

The Brits kudos has never been higher – diverse British music is global after a few years of the charming One Direction being the best we could offer. We now proffer a rafter of wonderful diverse offerings around the globe, from Royal Blood to Sam Smith. Last night exemplified that diversity – for all – with the choice of the bland, but lovable, Ant & Deck as presenters – who surely pleased the majority – something for everyone.  And who can blame the organisers for sticking to safe. The stage production was risky enough – with it being alleged that Madonna said to be complaining that if ‘She couldn’t have complete control over her set – she wasn’t performing!’ Well I guess you kismet what you ask for.


The night ripped through with great performances from all – and a smattering of awards being dished out in a fair and reasonable way – mirroring the choice of presenter’s – and a truck load of US stars hogging the stage to promote their music.  But we’re British – so all are welcome … Ed Sheeran was said to want Sam Smith to win best album – Sam Smith kept quiet – so we guess even though he’s won almost everything – he still likes to win. Little Ed Sheeran won the day – showing the world what he’s got with his solo performance and he reigns supreme for another year.

The Brits have always struggled with females – either making or breaking careers – in 2011 Adele sung ‘Something Like You’ on stage with only a piano playing the in background. The single stayed in charts for months afterwards – 2012 saw her being awarded The Brits Best British Female and shamefully being ‘shoved’ off the stage and her mike being cut off – whereby she packed her bags and moved to the US for bigger and better things. And who can blame her.


Flashback to the wonderful Jarvis Cocker moment of 1996 – and the now departed Michael Jackson laughed at his impromptu interruption on stage. It should be noted that most under the age of 21 would now say Jarvis who?’ Kismet.

#PoorMadonna. Nothing to add to that – except to say hopefully 2016 will see a plethora of British female artists being promoted in all categories - and of course our US colleagues will always be welcome with or without their own stage set.


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