Sam Smith – A Sonnet – Lay Me Down


By MC Browne


When William Shakespeare first published his sonnets in around the early 1600's who knew his words and style would be the premise for declarations of love for ever more? Feb 19th 2015 sees Sam Smith re-release his original track – Lay Me Down. If Shakespeare were alive today my guess it that he would sigh, remove his hat, and take a long circular bow. Sam's Smith's song Lay Me Down is a cry of love and ache. A heart wrenching melody like few other's. The video release is an articulated lorry of emotion - Sam Smith singing at the funeral of his late husband. It could make you feel like a guilty intruder spying onto his grief – but he wants to share – so it's Ok – isn't it?

The story behind the release is compelling. When Sam Smith was little known, the track was released to a warm welcome, for a newcomer. It reached the low forties in the chart 100. Not too shabby normally, but comparatively to his recent success –it looks like a failure. Fast forward a few years and cabinet's full of awards and gongs, the perceived wisdom is that this track is worthy of a re-release.

You may not 'get' Shakespeare – but 'To be or not to be' is no longer a question that needs an answer, it's etched onto the back of our consciousness. And neither is Sam Smith's talent, and let's not forget a shout out to co - writers Jimmy Napes & Elvin Smith. This track put the 'et' into Sonnet, which generally begins with eight lines of a question -  ending with six lines of an answer – Sam Smith ends his lyrics with:

 Lay me down tonight, lay me by your side

Lay me down tonight, lay me by your side

Can I lay by your side, next to you, you.

If I can remind you, this is a song sung at a husband's funeral.



He has released a statement about gay rights, equality in marriage and whilst everyone can applaud his passion and worthy sentiment, in doing so he does himself a disfavour. Sam Smith is one serious dude, with a heart of warm melted butter, and a voice to match. He sings for all of us, irrespective of sexuality, and we all know grief. Lay Me Down is a love sonnet that for a few moments makes you experience both love and grief – no matter what. Ten years ago, five even, most record companies would have dismissed the early offerings of their star player and moved on regardless so for once the industry has said 'Wait a minute,' and rewound. 

 Maybe this re – release is a sign that finally, UK singer – songwriters are not prepared to let great songs be forgotten You can buy Sam Smith's new release Lay Me Down ( insert link to affiliate ) .

Written by MC Browne for Tunes, Trends & Threads 18th February 2015



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